J & J Consulting and Translation Service
J & J Consulting and Translation Service is dedicated to providing comprehensive business and
translation solutions.  We employ skill sets that specialize in commercial and technical foreign
language translation while focusing on quality, service and customer satisfaction.

Our company, based in the United States, retains several international consultants with strong
linguistic skills in Asia, Europe and North America who are experienced in local culture and
business tendencies.  Our staff has the ability to be at the forefront of technological and
industrial advancements as introduced to the global marketplace.  As a result, we have first-
hand knowledge of certain cultural and special industry requirements.  

Let us be your one-stop source for quality translation or complete project management
functions!  Request your complimentary quote today.

J & J Consulting and Translation Service offers the following:

  • Business and Project Management Consulting for marketing, sales and training

  • High quality commercial and technical translation services:

  • International Joint Venture negotiations
  • Initial contact / manufacturing sourcing
  • Contract negotiation
  • Import / Export coordination and assistance
"Assisting the World in crossing the great wall of communication"